Mumbai, 14 Sep ‘23


Lytus Technologies Holdings Private Limited


Mumbai, India, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lytus Technologies announces the set up and launch of LYTUS STUDIOS in the USA for its content creation and technology services that will serve global markets. LYTUS STUDIOS plans to offer cutting edge creative services along with specialized technology infrastructure for film, video, series, commercials, events, corporate and digital industries. LYTUS STUDIOS will combine next age technology that will bring together VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) into a composite XR (Extended Reality) for film & video entertainment.

The setting up of Lytus Studios is a natural progression for LYTUS Technologies to serve its own content needs and to take forward its vision of transforming customer experiences with technology. With Lytus Technologies' existing customer network in India and associations in Asia, Middle East & Europe, the company plans to provide content services in the USA and in all major entertainment markets of the world.

LYTUS STUDIOS is also building a unique video streaming service, LYTUS PLAY. This service will initially be offered to Lytus Technologies’ current million + users in India while launching the service concurrently in the USA. LYTUS PLAY will feature advanced personalization technology where users can feed their health goals with preferences and get curated programs and content to manage their lifestyle. LYTUS STUDIOS will be producing all the original content for the LYTUS PLAY streaming platform in its Hollywood studios. LYTUS STUDIOS will partner and collaborate with some of the best organizations in the USA that are leaders in technology and creative content creation.

Lytus Technologies CEO Dharmesh Pandya said, “We are very keen to expand technology services that are transformative. With LYTUS STUDIOS we will be able to enhance the entertainment experience of our global customers by creating curated content for our upcoming platforms and for the global entertainment world.”

Lytus Technologies - Director, Rajeev Kheror added, “Film & video content markets are changing and top-quality content is a necessity for market share. LYTUS STUDIOS will create cutting edge content and serve the best industry standards of global entertainment by merging creativity and technology with our full-fledged infrastructure facilities. The company already has a content pipeline for its upcoming streaming service that will be created at these studios.”

About Lytus Technologies Holdings Ptv. Ltd:
Lytus Technologies is a rapidly expanding technology-driven internet platform services organisation with operations in India and USA. The company offers high-value streaming and telemedicine services to over 4 million active users and monthly customers across India and USA. Lytus Technologies is a listed company under the ticker symbol “LYT” on the Nasdaq Capital Market. Through its 5,000-kilometer network of installed fibre and broadband infrastructure, the firm delivers fibre and broadband services to its client base. Currently, Lytus Technologies has nationwide Telecast and Multicast services in India providing retail and commercial customers monthly subscription-based linear video and Internet services.